this christmas

first things first…
dane had been hearing a lot about this guy santa and just wanted to check him out before letting him creep around his house christmas eve. i thought this was a reasonable request, so we took a train to the north pole. the only train to the north pole…

the polar express!

we went to edaville in carver, ma where they have a big holiday light festival, carnival rides, and a train ride to hear the story of the polar express and meet santa claus. dane is really, really into trains, but at first he was very cautious and quiet..

taking it all in as we boarded.

when we arrived at the “north pole”, he was still a little shy.

but soon enough, he was totally on board with the santa thing. the night made for a really nice memory of dane’s first santa encounter. way better than waiting in a line at the mall. he was so cute waving and pointing.. genuine excitement.

in the end, i think the cookie trumped santa.

fast forward to christmas eve.
pure magic.

christmas eve is my favorite. this is how i wish my living room always looked.. a couple guitars, a couple dogs, a fire (and buffalo dip)…

i stayed up late setting up the scooters (from santa), cleaning and clearing the house for the impending christmas morning chaos. when i finally went to bed, i was so giddy with anticipation. i just wanted the morning to come.
everything else i have to say about christmas this year is really trite…
the pitter patter of little feet, the wide eyes and big smiles. i seriously forgot christmas could feel like this.
shakespeare was the first to open a gift..

then these two quickly became pros at dismantling gift wrap. they worked efficiently and methodically until every toy was exposed.

aw. just look at the gale family.. i love capturing these moments!

when dane woke up from his nap, much to his dismay, everyone was gone (“yaya?…YiiiiYAA!??!” (that’s how dane says riley)). he got over it pretty quickly when he saw his new train village and then we had a very peaceful christmas evening, just us four.
i didn’t realize quite how special the holidays would become with these little people around. the next few years will only get better. i must give a shout out to emily for handling all the food and cooking. i was able to be the biggest slacker-host ever. thanks davis – fatz family for the best christmas in a looong time! xo