on your 4th birthday…

dear shakey:

 you are our best friend.

the best big brother.

you are our first baby.

you are so patient.

you are a very important part of our family.

you are a good sport.

did i mention you are patient?

 you are a partner in crime.

you are the best company.

you are so cute….

i know you won’t be around forever, but you have meant more to us than we ever thought possible and already filled us with lifetimes of love. when we brought you home 4 years minus six weeks ago, we didn’t yet know that it would be one of the best decisions of our lives. without you, we wouldn’t be us. we definitely wouldn’t be the fatz four. you have been by our side through many highs and lows. brought us so many smiles. 
we bring you everywhere. we cuddle with you every night. we love you so freakin much. here’s to many more years of high-paws, head rolls, bully marches, velvety jowls, suckles, steady freddies, stubborn paws, gorilla noses, tugs, dragon snorts, high-fives, bully moans, cow spots, mascara wearing, snaggle-tooth smiles, zoomies and pillow pets.
happy birthday to my one and only shakespeare.