my crafty little sis

before i forget, i need to share these b e a u t i f u l little wreath creations that my sister made. my little sister emily is a true artist. she doesn’t copy ideas from pinterest or shop at michaels, she seriously comes up with ingenious little creations like these right out of her head using what she has or finds.

if you can’t tell, these are made out of wire coat hangers. she bent them into circles and wrapped real greens and whatever that fluffy plant is around them, tying it all up with fishing wire.

she’s a gardener by trade, so she found the plants on the job.

aren’t they the loveliest things ever?

i’m trying to talk her into doing some guest posts, because she also has funny and interesting things to say. and she is freakishly good with photography. oh and she has amazing hair.
thanks, em. i need to take more pics of your pretty little face. this is the best i could do…