my cookie swap

saturday i invited everyone over for my second annual cookie swap. i’m excited to have this new tradition for my family and hopefully all of my friends’ families to look forward to each holiday season.
party hosting is an acquired skill. i get a little better each time and more importantly, feel a little less stressed now that i have a few sessions under my belt. i didn’t have a place for coats. i forgot napkins entirely. dane ate 17 ritz crackers for dinner. but all in all, the night went really well and everyone seemed to have a nice time. how could you not when you are under the same roof as a table that looks like this:
some people made simple cookies and some people made amazing creations such as these kahlua pudding shots in edible dark chocolate cups (whaT.). amazing.
a highlight for me (and naturally the most photographed element of the night) was the four little toddlers running around. all between 18 and 22 months. 
mine is the beefcake in the middle of course.
they even got the chance to make some cookies of their own.

dane and chase were really into it. they worked tirelessly until every last sprinkle was emptied from the shakers.

i was so impressed with dane’s attention span and understanding of the concept. he patted the dough with the fork and pushed the chocolate chips in with his chubby little fingers.. and shockingly didn’t eat a thing! (ok, so clearly he may not have realized it was food).
these three little guys seriously MELT MY HEART.

we also had a big old yankee swap. there was some good stuff.

and some silly stuff.

as the night went on the kids went home and my photography got progressively blurry. 
holiday vests

and inevitably, the grown ups began to play with the kids’ toys.

and that’s what i have to show for my cookie swap party. great friends. great fun.

side note: soda water (or in my case, flavored seltzer) really works for spills & stains. there were a few big spots of chocolate ground into the rug in the aftermath, but the fizzy seltzer lifted them right up. small victories people.