riley turns two

i can’t believe i posted about our stupid hutch painting before talking about this past weekend. something really huge happened…

riley turned t w o !!!

two years ago, me, my mom, and my little sis emily stood outside of a hospital room and heard this little human cry for the first time. and then we cried. he was a tricky baby, but has become the coolest, smartest toddler i’ve ever known. just when i thought i couldn’t love him any more, dane started saying his name (over and over) and insisting to facetime him. riley is pretty much his hero. during our stay in martha’s vineyard, dane would wake up in the morning and the first thing he would say is “ya ya? ya ya?” (that’s how he says riley). these two melt my heart.


(kittty balloons were a big hit)

yes, that is drool

happy birthday riley! we love you!!