my version of the ikea rast side table hack

this dresser makeover is all over the interwebs (like this, here, this one, here, and here). a $35 dresser from ikea (the “rast”) that people make beautiful with paint and new hardware.


i had been hoarding these two little side tables that were $35 less (i.e. free) than the above. thank you, per usual, to my in-laws, kathy & don.

and i’m glad i hoarded because there have been a number of different ways i considered putting these guys to use over the past year. at first i thought i’d paint them white and put them in our bedroom to store my [extremely unorganized] craft supplies. i later considered using them as side tables in the new bedroom we are adding to our basement. but now that we have upgraded the 2nd bedroom in brewster with a new queen bed and are trying to make it a more appointed space, the final call is that these tables are going 80 60 miles to brewster.

but first, they needed a makeover. i decided to channel this version of the rast hack which is extremely unoriginal, but extremely awesome.


 so i sanded them down, stained the shell (leftover expresso by minwax) and painted the drawer faces white (left-over dove white by benjamin moore).

just one coat of stain on the outside plus a quick spray of polyurethane (rust-oleum spray can)
and for the drawers, one coat of primer and two coats of dove white.

because the wood already had a varnish, the result of my staining was.. “interesting”. the more heavily sanded parts absorbed more stain than the less sanded parts.. but i like it. i call it character.

you need to order these rad pull rings from this place called lee valley. they come from canada , but i ordered on a saturday and got them the following thursday. not bad. and you can’t get anything like this from lowes or the depot. i tried.

the only issue i encountered was that the screws that came with the hardware were too short for my drawers. this always happens when i replace hardware! so once again i found myself in lowes asking the kind man in the apron to find a longer version of the ring pull screws.

here are my side tables in their new home.

we have another furniture makeover in the works that i’m really excited about. it feels like its taking forever but hopefully i can share by sunday at the latest!!