hutch makeover

if you have been monitoring my pinterest boards closely, you will notice the addition of assorted hutches painted various colors. i have been shopping around for hutch inspiration.


thank you don and kathy (yet again) for this beauty below. she has been sitting in our basement for over a year, but i promise we are going to make her purdy and treat her reeeeal nice from now on (<=read w/ southern accent).

first things first.. we pulled the wavys off the bottom. we literally just gave them a wiggle and they came right off with a tug.

 i don’t want to get all technical on you, but these are called wavys.

 the clean lines are much more modern. easiest step 1 ever.

next, mike spent a few minutes running the electric sander over it to rough up the finish, and then went over it with a quick coat of primer graciously supplied by our neighbors (ie. the best neighbors ever who have every tool in the world. and feed us. and have a pool). it was a really thin, quick drying primer meant to go over stain. i can’t remember the name of it.

we then painted everything white dove by benjamin moore (from a gallon of left-overs).

i made us go to lowes to get one of these wall panels ($16ish) to add texture to the back (as seen in many of my pins) we painted it the same coventry grey (benajamin moore) that is in our tv room.

this is a close-up of the panel before it was painted.

so we nailed the painted board to the back, put it back together and here’s how its looking now:

we need a little more time with caulk and touch-ups but, i think we can move ‘er to the dining room tomorrow and finally put our pretty china on display just in time for the holidays! happy stephanie.

love it. mike worked hard on this.. thanks bug!

i hope this post is in english. i’m very tired. goodnight!