this rocks

i already hate myself for this post title. but this is a rocking chair and it does in fact rock.
i got it for free two long years ago in brewster the day after a local thrift store had a yard sale and put a big free sign out for everything left behind. i attempted to make it over the following spring, but somehow it totally fell off my radar and has been sitting in the garage collecting dust ever since.
here it is way back when i initially sanded it.

and here it is after a coat or two of yucky grey spray paint. this is how it looked last week when i dug it out of the garage. i am hopeless with spray paint.  i find it impossible to work with. its drippy and bubbly and never covers well. i’m clearly doing something fundamentally wrong.

so i grabbed the leftover grey (wickham grey by benjamin moore) that we painted the tv room with and  started over. on the bottom i used plain old white that we use for trim. it took two coats. i chipped away over the course of 3 or 4 nights after dane went to bed. i had to sand the top a bit after the first coat because the spray paint underneath had bubbled and it was noticeably bumpy. other than that, it was a really easy job.

dane test drove it. it went well.

and speaking of that kid, he officially hit the 18 month mark last week. he’s huge.

he’s so fun & happy. he is just killing us lately. he gets everything. when he does something funny that makes us laugh, he’ll keep doing it. he is picking up new words every day.. though he still favors “ball” and “more”. those two words get him pretty far! sometimes he’ll just randomly say a bunch of words together like “mumma dadda up down”. so funny. he is also doing this hilarious thing where he runs around in circles and makes himself dizzy. i don’t know where he learned that but its unbearably cute.

he wants to play outside even after it gets dark. its been a perfect fall with him, we are so lucky. i dread the day the sun sets before we get home from work.. sadly, i don’t think its far!