days until i die

we all know life is fragile, each day is a gift, there is no telling what tomorrow will bring…..

but humor me…

suppose i live to 80. i am blessed with good health and live a full 80 years. 50 years until i die (i’m rounding..), 365 days in a year, 52 weeks in a year, 2 weekend days in a week, 104 weekend days in a year, 5200 weekend days until i die… carry the one

please correct me if my math is off, but that’s about 14.24658 years until i die if i am only living for the weekend.

do you see my point?

today is thursday. we have tomorrow off and allison’s much anticipated wedding on saturday. i honestly can’t remember the last time i’ve wanted the weekend to be here more than when i came in and sat down in front of my computer this morning. i wanted the clock to fly forward and the weekend to be here. all week, i longed for the weekend. and this is not the exception lately. i’m afraid i’ve had this “live for the weekend” mentality to the extreme since dane was born. and it needs to stop. if i keep this up, my 50 precious years of life ahead are truncated to 14. life is way too short to wish the day, the hour, the minute away.

life is too short for a lot of things; being unhappy. worrying about money. holding grudges. hating yourself. getting mad about dumb stuff.

i know this is deep, but i am really realizing this in my old age. time is flying by at an unprecedented speed. the proof is in front of me every day with his long, crazy hair,  new words and opinions.

while, yes, weekends are preferred, there is a lot between monday and friday to be enjoyed. the simple task of getting everyone out the door in the morning on time is rewarding. i have a great job where i have genuine friends and share genuine laughs every day. then there is my very favorite part of each weekday when dane has had his dinner and bath, is in clean jammies, smelling like lavender lotion, pacifier in mouth and surrendered to bedtime… even though he is getting too big for this, i still hold him like a baby on the glider and kiss his face a million times until his eyelids get heavy and i deposit him in his crib. that alone makes each day worth looking forward to.
but for now, its the w e e k e n d ! let the shenanigans begin!