even though things slow down a bit at work and the days are longer, there tends to be way less downtime in the summer. the camera has been coming out less and less as the weather gets warmer. i guess that means we are just having more fun living in the moment.

we spent two whole nights away from dane for this summer’s dmb show… i missed the little guy, but we had a lot of fun tailgating and feeling young again! it was a really great night.

my favorite photos are from after the show… the ones i don’t remember taking…


there is nothing like a good summer concert with friends and beer and great music.. and beer.

so i just have a few more catch-up posts. next, i’ll get around to our brewster vacation.. a full week at the beach with this guy. 

but don’t worry, we have e n d l e s s home improvement-type projects in the pipeline. there are zero quiet weekends in sight, but we have been discussing a dozen things we want to tackle at our full time.. err.. non beach house. some painting, some work in our mostly unfinished basement, window treatments and maybe a solution for that impossible wall in the tv room that i just don’t know what to do with. this one above the couch… i’m open to suggestions (help!).