cape cod vaca number 3

this was our third summer spending the week of the 4th at our cape house in brewster. and the three vacations couldn’t have been more different. the first year we held a bonanza of sorts. we had a handful of friends stay over in different shifts throughout the week. drinking games, water balloons, slip & slide, festive decorations.. i planned the festivities for months. lots of silly fun… dane was (ah hem) born 9 months later…
pictures courtesy of lizzy
last summer dane was 3 months old and it was my last week before returning to work after maternity leave. it was bittersweet. a low key week with a few friends and family. it was a good week… but to be perfectly honest, i was still feeling too chubby to really embrace the beach!
and now. this. can you believe this can happen in one short year?

he. is. huge.

this vacation was the best. one to remember for a number of reasons. such as dane’s first kiss:
we were having lunch at scargo cafe in dennis. just minding our own business. when this little girl came over and started flirting with dane.. so hard… batting her eyelashes, twirling her hair.. so before we left, dane was nice enough to give the girl a kiss for her efforts… she was four. cougar.
the week was a perfect balance of friends, family, and alone time. sometimes its hard to really relax when you are hosting. even when its just family. i cherished the quiet mornings we had just the four of us (i also cherished the nights we were able to leave dane behind with family and sneak out for some fun!).
these pictures are from cahoon hollow beach in wellfleet. its absolutely beautiful. and there is nothing like the beachcomber for cold drinks and oysters.
the first few days were rainy and overcast. so we played inside and went to some shops and restaurants.

then the second half of the week was nothing but sun. dane became quite the beach babe.

cousin riley came for the 4th. here they are hammering some pouches together.
and some more priceless beach moments -

we fit in a cape cod league baseball game. dane was a little more interested in the playground than the game, but its a great summer tradition. we’ve been to games in brewster, orleans, and this year, chatham, which was by far the best scene of the three. i think we’ll be back here next year.

finally.. f i r e w o r k s ! ok, fireworks not pictured, but they didn’t disappoint. they were awesome and the amazing sunset was a bonus. half way through the fireworks,  dane was fast asleep in the stroller with his noise-blockers on. this kid is the best.

before it was time to pack up and say goodbye to brewster for the summer, we went to the friday night concert in chatham. it was a really cool scene – balloons for the kids and hundreds of people. dane was determined to walk around, wave to everyone and push random strollers (he is really into wheels and pushing things) so it was a tad stressful and we didn’t last very long. when dane is older, we will be back for sure.

no pictures of shakespeare on my camera! i can’t believe it. shame on me. i had to take this one off my iphone. poor pups had a tough time with the heat. here he is trying to cool down after a walk. summer can be hard on bulldogs!
so now all we can do is hope and pray that our renters are good to our house. its really nerve-racking spending so much time away, not knowing what is going on in there. i can’t wait for the summer when we can keep the house to ourselves and spend every weekend there.. that time will come! in the meantime we are finding plenty of activities and beaches to fill the balance of the summer.