our work in brewster is done for now but we have yet to have a normal weekend at the homestead (and this coming weekend will be no exception). last weekend mike and dane headed back down to brewster to finish the never ending deck project. the stairs were the last piece of the puzzle and they apparently took a full day to finish. mike’s parents went down to help with dane while mike worked on the stairs with the guys…

finally complete. i hope all the renters appreciate the fresh, splinter-free deck!

me and shakey stayed behind. saturday was allison’s bridal shower. i, of course, waited until the last minute to pull together the favors, but they seemed to go over well. i made “s’more kits” in mason jars… a hershey bar, grahams, marshmallows and a little matchbox that i covered with pretty card stock & labeled “9*21*13” (the wedding date). basically, anything in a mason jar makes a great favor… candy, recipe ingredients (cookies, cakes, breads), jams, cupcakes, goldfish… the snack food.. not the real thing…


you can buy the jars by the dozen just about anywhere these days (like walmart). if you plan ahead, you can also probably collect some for free. due to the last minute nature of this project, i don’t have many good pictures – but they looked cute on display at the shower.

does this fabric look familiar?

alli’s shower was awesome. i ate two of these cupcakes. they were out-of-this-world…

here she is with a couple very color-coordinated bridesmaids.. such a natural beauty. its going to be waterworks when i see this girl in a wedding gown.

and of course me being awkward and unbecoming was captured on camera… that’s par for the course.

finally, sunday morning, i headed out to plymouth with a couple friends for a 10k. mike was supposed to meet me there and run it also, but he got stuck in brewster doing clean-up and prepping the house for our first renters. i felt really deflated when he told me he didn’t think he was going to make it. things are just more fun when we do them together. 
it was hot. but i felt ok with my run and my time. i gave it my best effort so i could gauge where i’m at and use it as a baseline for my marathon training… yes, that is happening, i am running the nyc marathon in november and boy do i have my work cut out for me.


Old Sandwich 5K/10K/HALF MARATHON Road Races


Place No. Spec Name G Ag Div/Tot Div City Di Gun Pace
===== ===== ==== ==================== = == ======== ===== ================= ======= =====
1 1060 10K JIM GARCIA M 54 1/4 M5059 39:30 6:23
2 1065 10K MIKE SAWYER M 51 2/4 M5059 41:05 6:38
3 39 10K Courtney Testa F 23 1/25 F2029 hopkinton MA 42:18 6:50
4 750 10K Janet Holmes F 54 1/1 F5059 Abington MA 44:30 7:11
5 197 10K Erin Brown F 35 1/24 F3039 Bridgewater MA 44:48 7:14
6 454 10K Scott Milner M 41 1/8 M4049 Plymouth MA 46:43 7:32
7 1061 10K PAM ROBINSON F 37 2/24 F3039 47:10 7:37
8 272 10K John Mitchell M 35 1/11 M3039 Hanover MA 48:05 7:46
9 408 10K Allyson Stoyle F 24 2/25 F2029 Franklin MA 49:34 8:00
10 130 10K Deb Powers F 32 3/24 F3039 Charlestown MA 50:09 8:06
11 255 10K Daniel Finch M 32 2/11 M3039 Millville MA 51:30 8:19
12 500 10K Travis Wenkalman M 35 3/11 M3039 Abington MA 51:34 8:19
13 30 10K Neil Veilleux M 33 4/11 M3039 Boston MA 52:31 8:29
14 767 10K Laurie Enos F 42 1/10 F4049 Plymouth MA 52:34 8:29
15 1059 10K MEGAN DELANEY F 28 3/25 F2029 53:13 8:35
16 464 10K John McMahon M 43 2/8 M4049 Cohasset MA 53:31 8:38
17 261 10K Mika Burke F 24 4/25 F2029 Brighton MA 53:38 8:39
18 77 10K stephanie fatzinger F 31 4/24 F3039 weymouth MA 53:39 8:40

it was probably the smallest race i’ve ever been in… i got 18th out of 90 runners. sounds much more impressive than it was as you can see from my time!

either way i’ll be doing much more running this summer than ever before in my life… SMART running… injury free running…


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so that is what’s going lately. this coming weekend mike is off to the outer banks for a bachelor party and i’m headed to martha’s vineyard to see my big and littles (sisters) and baby riley!! i can’t wait to see dane and riley play together. they are getting so big so fast.

i’m hoping riley can help expand dane’s vocabulary beyond “ball”. probably not.