shopping for pretty fabric

this is a pretty long post about fabric by someone who doesn’t know how to sew or own a machine… or a sewing needle. ok, i have one needle but i swear i can’t remember the last time i used it. at any rate, here we go…
i don’t think this window needs a curtain – the natural light is welcome. but across from all this neutral is a big wall of gypsy teal- so something colorful above the sink will help balance things out. its also a little dicey up there since we ripped off that wavy piece of trim. so i’m planning a very simple, no-sew, valance-type of window treatment to add color and hide some ugliness. something teal or navy.

(the view across the room):

which brings me to reflect on my favorite online sources for fabric. i spent 20 minutes searching for bold or geometric patterns in teal or navy and had the most luck with these online fabric vendors: :






i can’t remember where these are from… i saved them to my camera roll but didn’t jot down the site. oops. i like this top print a lot. the dandelions below it are cute, and can definitely be found at a number of other fabric vendors (such as here and here) and then the I. print is just meh.



i love this first aqua, wood grain pattern. it totally reminds me of dane’s fondant ‘one‘. this would be really cool to use to cover a box or cork board or something (fabric covered cork board added to mental to-do list… i.e. i will forget all about it in 7 minutes)…


L. :
my all-round favorite:

my second favorite:


etsy is another place to find good fabric.. i’ve had luck here in the past.  this shop has some cute stuff..
after all this, i ended up going to jo-ann fabric and buying a few different patterns at the store (i hate paying for shipping… i hate waiting for shipping even more). i really want to order that peony print (M) along with the wavy teal below it (N) and the bluey-teal (that’s a color) wood grain print (J),  i just don’t have a specific use in mind so i’m going to hold off.
major tgif feelings over here… off to brewster to no-sew some curtains!