our st. martin vacation

we’ve unpacked- meaning emptied the luggage.. but nothing has been put away. last week was one of those stretches where i didn’t even pretend to care about standard housekeeping duties. we went to work, dropped-off, picked-up, executed the lunch packing, bottle cleaning, bathing… with a little outside play-time before dinner and that’s about it. and that’s fine. our house is in rare form, but i’ll catch-up eventually.

then last weekend was a sun-up to sun-down work-a-thon in brewster to finish the deck and the kitchen and get the house back in shape (i use the term “finish” loosely).

i’m disappointed i didn’t sit down and write about our trip while it was freshest in my mind. it was our first family adventure and i never want to forget what i was like to spend a week with baby dane in the caribbean. when things slow down we will definitely make a little mixbook memory book (like the one we made as a gift for our friends who planned most of the trip).

in the meantime here are some pics from our trip (90% of which are dane in the pool, dane at the beach, and dane eating.. haha)