open-fronting the corner cabinet

we just arrived back to ole cape cod for the long weekend (wooohoo). a quick one for you before we dive into another weekend of finishing touches to cape kitchen 2.0!

this corner was my little pet project.

aside from ripping out the row of cabinets to replace with the banquet seating, there weren’t any structural changes to our cabinets during this kitchen makeover, aside from this corner. we removed the breadbox thing from below the corner cabinet and left the door off the top. sure, i would love to have a custom glass door, but this is a much simpler, (free) way of achieving the same open effect..

we didn’t paint the inside of any of the other cabinets. so i spent the better part of a full weekend sanding, priming, and painting the inside and the 2 shelves of this corner. the running joke was that i didn’t leave the corner for days. it was sorta true. 

i painted the inside wall the same gypsy teal that’s in the living room and other side of the kitchen. it took two solid coats to cover sufficiently (think a couple hours of awkward kneeling on the counter to get into all of these deep corners).
and here it is all back together with the shelves and some of our prettier glassware…

there will definitely be updates to the “styling” of these shelves, but i think the open corner is a nice touch.

in related news – the corner below.. the lazy susan.. NOT supposed to be open. we broke the door and have been having trouble replacing it. its killing me. mike bought something at lowes that he thinks might be a fix, so fingers crossed we can remedy this tomorrow.

and there are definitely a few other finishes touches that are begging for our attention, but we are just going see what we have time for without killing ourselves this weekend. a little off-white clash never killed anyone…

happy memorial day weekend!