ombre paint chip art

by no means an original concept, but i put my own spin on it.

would you consider taking paint chips by the handful stealing? because i felt really awkward and guilty about it. it took me 3 or 4 visits to the hardware store to collect a decent stack because i tried to be all natural and stealth… i considered having dane grab some (paint chip robbing monkey-style) … i slipped some up my sleeve one time. in the end i had just enough shades of teal and blue to pull this off..


martha stewart flower-ish shaped punch

2 ikea ribba frames
navy blue craft paper
paint color samples
wood glue (because it was the only form of glue i had in brewster over the weekend)

all i had to actually buy were the 20×20 frames, so $40 was the total damage..

i made a fish and a wave. no, not being very subtle with the whole nautical theme.

and here they are on the wall:

the kitchen is done… for my next post i’m planning to do the big reveal(!!) i can’t fancy things up like a real blogger, because the week is just too busy, but i’m dying to get the final pics posted. i’ve been waiting for this since february!

but first, do you want to watch my baby grow before your very eyes?

summer 2012:


s i g h……

i don’t know where he got this from – we call it the sexy dance: