fabric covered ‘c’s.. not to be confused with seas…

you know… like for cape cod.

most of my crafty projects are 100% unoriginal and copied directly from pinterest, another blog, etsy, etc, etc. but this method for the ‘c’s i dreamt up myself. so please don’t direct me to 40 other people who had the same idea, it would crush me… i swear it was all mine and i was so proud when it actually worked. unlike this project:
i swear this actually happened last weekend. this is a diy project gone TERRIBLY WRONG. have you ever seen anything go more terribly wrong than this? like ever? i won’t even get into it. pretend this never happened.
so after hitting rock bottom, i picked myself back up in hopes of having a little more luck making a fabric covered ‘cc’ to adorn the wall above the new banquet.
i made the letters using 18″ white styrofoam wreaths. i just cut a chunk out of them and voila:

the pictures can probably do the best job explaining the rest for anyone in the market for a couple pretty little c’s (i’m looking at you candance cameronchris cook, and captain crunch fanatics…) (and i’m using the two ‘c’s/fabric patterns interchangeably in this series of pictures, so don’t get confused). 
first, i traced the c on the back of the fabric and cut the middle into pizza pie slices.. i had a yard each of the dots and zig zag patterns… they were another jo-anns purchase for $5ish/yard.
i then wrapped each slice around the back of the c and secured with pins (the kind with the little ball at the end).

then the fabric on the outside of the c, i sort of haphazardly wrapped, snipped and pinned as needed to best cover the styrofoam.. and the ends i did my best to wrap like a present.
don’t worry, i’m not done yet…
for the last step i cut 2 or 3 long, imperfect strips to wrap around the whole letter, securing the ends on the back with pins…

i was so relieved this actually worked. i think they are pretty awesome errr crazy cool.

so i hung them right up, and mike got to work taking down the ugly lights.

so i’m pretty excited about this wall. remember what it looked like not too long ago?

so much crisper…

now – the latest state-of-the-kitchen:

and finally – my handsome bulldog: