brewster kitchen and deck – mini update

as i alluded to in my last post, this past weekend in brewster was the busiest yet. this weekend we have family using the house for a few nights, so we had to get everything ready. it didn’t have to be “rental ready” (thank goodness), but we wanted it in the best shape possible for our family & their friends to enjoy. they won’t be enjoying outlet covers in the kitchen, but here’s to hoping it won’t spoil their stay..

i didn’t even know what to expect when i loaded all the pictures from my camera… i was so busy with the clean-up and dane-chasing on sunday that i hardly have any pictures of what the place looked like when we left..

it was all-hands-on-deck starting bright and early saturday morning…

my sister – who is our gardener extraordinaire- came from the vineyard (martha’s) with her.. boyfriendish man-friend (?).. to resuscitate what used to be a beautiful landscape until we neglected it for about 2 years.

the deck-building crew – two of mike’s old friends & very talented construction people- were also here for a long day saturday finishing the re-boarding of the deck.

i haven’t talked about the deck much because its not very exciting for me… if it were being reconfigured in a new, interesting way it would be a different story. but this was just one of those maintenance things where the boards were old and splintery and just needed to be replaced. it definitely is so much nicer with new boards and because mike and his friends did all the labor we saved thousands of dollars.

we ran around crazy doing a million other side projects and finishing the cabinets and bench. here is a peak of random shots around the house that i hope to get to in a more organized manner next week!

…sneaking this one in… 😉

and this is the most complete picture i have from later in the day sunday.. things are looking bright, don’t you think!?

more, including much better pictures to come later!

happy weekend!!!

UPDATE: the kitchen is done! check it out here: