brewster kitchen – the putting back together begins

mike was the star of the weekend.

he worked non-stop hanging these cabinet doors and installing the new knobs… barely sitting down to enjoy any of the masters (tho it was constantly on the tv). you can see the progress in the background. this basically took all day. it was frustrating work lining up all the hinges and knobs so everything hung perfectly level. if you are off just a quarter of an inch, it looks totally sloppy and wrong. there was a lot of swearing throughout the day. a lot.

he used one of these combination square contraptions to mark where to drill the knob hole. definitely easier than dealing with two holes for a pull (for which you probably want to get one of these template things) but still required a lot of patience and precision. mike can deal with this sort of thing.. i can not. i like to “eye ball”. which is why i stick to the “creative” and he handles the “execution”.  
(together we are a dream team (?))
and if that wasn’t enough work – he had to saw off each end of the super long knob screws. *tip: bring these to a hardware store & have them cut them down for you. our local little true value didn’t have a tool for this, so we resorted to the trusty hand saw.

after dane went down for the night, i began my little experimental project which was “scalloping” the newly painted, formerly laminate, backsplash.

i used martha stewart metallic paint in ‘hard frost’, one of these brushes (pictured below) from home depot, and a half circle – traced using a cocktail plate – cut out from some sandpaper packaging, then a cheerios box, then some regular paper (for some of the corners and places where the stencil needed to bend)… this was a very unglamorous process… but i made it work!

true to form, my method was very imperfect. i didnt measure or plan much – i just went for it. its a very hand-painted look.

i did this for maybe 2 hours saturday night. oh and this picture captures pretty much everything i ate/drank the whole day:
this is where i left off after day (night) 1:
and this is me in a crazy, diy stupor before collapsing into bed:

sunday morning (after reheating our very large coffees a couple times) mike removed the microwave.

which was secured by many large, hidden bolts..

see how awful the laminate is where the microwave used to be? fingers c r o s s e d the new microwave covers this entire area!

after another hour of scalloping, i was done. and i think it looks pretty cool. the metallic silver really picks up the silver specks in the granite, the mercury glass knobs, and should look great with our new stainless steal appliances.

so here is the evolution with the latest progress:

that’s a wrap! off to st. maarten tomorrow morning & peacing out of blogville for a week or so! don’t miss us too much…