beach stop

just some pictures from our trip to the beach yesterday because its not even about the house really.. its about this.  if i had it my way, we would visit this beach every time we are in brewster. even when there is snow on the ground.

after a hectic day in our construction zone of a house, the beach stop was so refreshing. 
dane took his first beach steps…
he is still figuring out the concept of uneven ground so there was a lot of toppling forward. so much of his life has been spent indoors that the natural slope of a landscape is completely foreign to him. its so amazing watching him discover the world. he was so fascinated by the sand on his hands (and face and in his mouth).

a little follow-the-leader…

shakey, on the other hand, is an old beach pro. this might be his favorite place on earth. we have a lot in common. it makes me SO HAPPY to see shakey so happy and free. i love him so much.