tubbie time

they’re heeeeere!

we are having so. much. fun. with auntie liz and cousin riley who are visiting from marthas vineyard. riley is 4 months older than dane so he is marching around and dominating all of dane’s toys. he has the funniest little vocabulary. he says “whoa” all the time and can even say “dane”. so cute. my sister and i look nothing alike, but we see major similarities in dane and riley. its so cool that they will grow up together and be little partners in crime.
just before they arrived saturday morning, dane and i ran out to homegoods and then finally put the finishing touches on his bathroom. so happy to check another room off the to-do list.
before the rest of the after shots, lets remember just how bad it was looking before the paint job:

so after the new color and a little cleaning and accessorizing, we have a much happier bathroom for dane’s nightly tub time.
we bought everything at kohls and homegoods.

still a few missing pieces in here like some sort of window treatment and, oh yeah, maybe a little something for this frame…

but its safe to say the bathroom was baby-approved!

we will really miss playing with baby riley, but so glad we live on the south shore now and its an easy drive from woods hole.
we will see these two again in just a couple short weeks for danes b i r t h d a y  p a r t y ! ! ! !