the march of the rhino

first things first: we have a walker. he’s not really walking, but he is consistently taking a few steps at a time with his arms out mummy/zombie style – completely, utterly adorable and exciting. dane is always standing and walking along couches, coffee tables, peoples legs… he is happiest on his feet these days.

but when he really wants to get from point a to point b, his preferred mode of transportation is definitely the speed-crawl.

and if you take your eye off of him for one second, he is eating or destroying something. but he is SO much fun.

this weekend, auntie liz and cousin riley are visiting – which was good motivation for us to attempt to straighten out the guest room and bathroom. they are in shambles. mike recently painted this bathroom. it was long overdue. we picked a happy, buttery yellow (which i’m not sure was the best choice, but i can live with it). so the vanity still needs to be hung, along with toilet paper holder, the curtain rod and new shower curtain… we even got a good evening nap out of dane, however the bathroom still looks exactly like this:
so we’ll revisit this bathroom as soon as its less painful to look at.
speaking of eyesores, the guest bedroom has been abused and abandoned.

so we used the precious hour nap to move a few things around, hang a few things on the wall, and make the bed. now it is much more welcoming for baby riley. (excuse the terrible photo quality – the wall is not a different color… there was a lot of “autocolor” and “fill light” happening with these night-time pictures).
i swung the dresser and tree around to the side wall. mostly to hide this:
and as you can see, our dear rhino friend has made his way upstairs. the rhino and dots just weren’t doing it for us in the tv room. i wish i could say they have been replaced with something awesome – but we’re still trying to figure out what to put above the couch..
there is a random hook in the middle of the windows, so i just couldnt help myself from hanging this letter f.

i also found these three photos of shakey in the closet that we had from our southie apartment. they are way too small for this big wall, but who wouldn’t want to wake up to pics of the cutest pup on earth? you’re welcome, liz.

so nothing ground-breaking here. just a long overdue clean-up. as mike put it – it actually looks like a room.

and we can’t wait for our visitors!