on being busy

as i sit here typing, i feel sort of like i’m in the eye of a tornado – with all the things i am thinking, planning, doing, all swirling around me. i don’t know what to blog about tonight – i can’t focus on one thing.
i saw a word art thing somewhere that read “stop the glorification of busy” and it really made me think.

(here it is)


i am irrefutably busy. its not like i’m volunteering 3 nights/week, sitting on 4 boards of directors and fostering a pack of kittens or anything – but i am working full time while raising (along with an extremely helpful husband) an infant and a bulldog, taking on endless home projects (TIMES TWO), and trying to channel my creative energy with the occasional crafty undertaking. no house-cleaners, nannies, painters or food delivery services… i talk about being busy a lot because i am. i don’t complain or glorify ( i hope?! do i?). i don’t intend to anyway, because this is all by design. this is how i like it. i want to maximize this life. i don’t think i will look back on these years and wish i had more down-time. i love that we have so much going on.

so yes, i agree with this mantra in the sense that busy is not “better”, but i also don’t think busy is bad. i think you need to do you. if you feel like you need to slow down, simplify, then you should. i don’t want to.

with that said, i am currently feeling particularly scattered. i don’t know if its the big 1st birthday party we are planning for the end of the month, or the challenge of major renovations in brewster that we can only deal with a weekend at a time, or the roll of wallpaper that has been masking-taped to the wall for weeks (months?) now, or the pendants for the kitchen that have been on back-order and i really want installed before said birthday party..

in the end, i know it will be worth it. the results make it all worth it. the memories. the after pictures, if you will.

so i get the “simplify” campaign. its just that i like my life a bit complicated.