dining room: the home stretch

this will be the second to last post before i declare the dining room “done for now”!  the final project in this room was installing (applying? adhering?) these decorative molding panels.

we wanted to add some sort of texture below the chair rail. i considered wainscoting and board & batten, but decided on these panels because they seemed like they would be the easiest. and thankfully they were pretty easy.

lowes sells these pre-formed, polyurethane panels in a few sizes (fyi – home depot does not carry these… at least not the one in our neighborhood). 13 of these did the trick:

EverTrue 1-7/8’L Paint Grade Plastic Panel

Item #: 364065 |  Model #: P 1823 ETPLY


i literally didn’t do the math until just now. $169 (13 x $13) is way more than i would have told you we paid for these… we bought them in a few different trips (first we bought some of the smaller ones which we returned and bought a half dozen of these larger ones, then had to go back & get more)… regardless, the convenience of the pre-formed shapes and the impact they have on the room is definitely worth every penny.
once again, mike did all the heavy lifting while i entertained this little monkey.
including all the thinking which he is way better at than me…

once all the planning was done, the process was pretty straight-forward. all we needed was one weekend, some wood glue, painters tape, and a neighbor with lots of tools.
 (i.e. this nail gun that made it all possible):

first, mike measured and marked up the walls with pencil lines where each shape would go.
i was the taper. my one job was to tape the rectangle in place after mike covered the back with wood glue and held it to his marks. then he shot 8-10 nails in each one with his manly (borrowed) power-tool.

he did half saturday and half sunday. they add so much to the room. i’m totally loving them.

there are still some finishing touches needed – like a little spackle-type stuff to hide the nails and a little touch-up paint where some of the glue is showing (both only noticeable if you get up really close).

i will be back in my next post with some “final for now” dining room shots and my favorite – the before & afters!