dining room: before & after-ish

after 6 months of slowly putting this room together piece by piece, i am more than ready to call it a day and focus on the million other things on our home improvement list.

in somewhat chronological order, here is what went into our dining room design. a recap if you will:

and without further ado:

i will reiterate that we are definitely not done done.. we have a hutch in the basement that we will some day refurbish and put in here. i will eventually find two armchairs for the ends of the table… but they have to be the most perfect chairs in the universe with lots of character… hopefully thrifted.. i’m not sure – i’m going to let them come to me. no rush.

then there is this wall that is begging for art (?) floating shelves (?). something.

but for now, thats it! moving on….