brewster kitchen overhaul day 2

today we were up bright and early and on our way to home depot to meet our carpenter at 8am. mike was going to buy the supplies for the bench with him while dane & i head for the paint department to get cabinet painting supplies. i had a list and notes from half a day of internet research (along with 2 toy ducks, a singing monkey, and a pair of baby mum mums) and felt like i knew what we needed to get started. its really annoying that home depot doesn’t carry benjamin moore. i knew this, but sort of forgot, so only came home with primer and then ran to a hardware store in harwich later in the day for the benjamin moore..

where i scored this awesome hat:

but as i was saying..
on my list:

*primer (zinsser)
*2.5 in. brush (purdy)
*1.5 in. brush
*6 in. roller
*100 grit sandpaper (for pre-primer)
*220 grit sandpaper (for post-primer)
*benjamin moore advance (satin // simply white)

i didn’t get a degreaser or tack cloth because i read somewhere that lysol wipes could do both jobs. however, we think they might be responsible for a yellowey tint that is showing through the primer, so i do not recommend using these.

so here is how the day went (put the children to bed because some of these scenes are downright disturbing).

we sanded. the carpenter framed out the bench for the banquet seating project.

mike and his dad ripped out the bread box thing in the corner. good riddance.

mike sorta liked the bread box thing…

i sanded more. with a power tool.

we decided that we would replace these ancient vent covers, so had to remove the baseboard that was attached to the very bottom of the cabinets.

once everything was sanded (i sanded most of the frame by hand while mike had all the drawers and cabinet doors out on the deck with the electric sander) we wiped everything down with a damp sponge, then lysol wipes.

then we got to priming.

so. much. priming.

then 1981 called and asked for its oven back.

and that’s pretty much where we left things today with the cabinets. mike and his dad worked so hard. during all this messy business, dane and nonnie played downstairs. we would be nowhere near where we are now without nonnie & poppy’s help. thank you!!

finally – this is what the bench is looking like so far. i can tell its going to be awesome, but we are a little disappointed that its not done since the carpenter initially told us it would be a one day job..

oh and here is the new ikea ingatorp table patiently waiting in the tv room to join the new banquet arrangement.

more tomorrow! so tired. must sleep. too much wine.