recessed lights

one final cape house update and we will be all caught up.

new lights:

sort of looks like an alien invasion, don’t you think?

the lighting in the tv room was awful. we had one floor lamp and one table lamp and never enough light after the sun set. this apparently bothered mike greatly, and he made the executive decision to hire an electrician to come and install 4 recessed lights.
unrelated bulldog picture:

unrelated baby picture:

i’m really glad he did it. i’m not sure i would have had the guts to pull the trigger on the $500 expenditure (thats just the going rate), but it seriously updates the feel of the whole floor and will make a huge difference during those summer night scrabble battles. they put the lights on a dimmer and also switched around a few of the control panels so they make more sense (we were always hitting the switch that controlled the cable box & it was really annoying).

here is the finished product… its like they’ve been there all along!

and now more pictures of my baby being adorable with a toothbrush: