go to kohls

i’m not much of a department store person, but i think i might become a regular at my local kohls! its in the same shopping plaza as whole paycheck (aka whole foods) where i have been food shopping now that i’m trying to stick to organic for dane – i know, so high maintenance!

so i went to kohls and it was awesome. they have a huge, clean and organized ‘home’ section in the back with lots of nice brands and most importantly grrreat sales!
check out this beauty. 5 bucks. i got three (we know how i’m lovin those quatrefoils!).
you can find these here.
this ampersand cork thing was not on sale, but i got it anyway. another weird fetish i guess…

the best bargain of all was this frame collage. Originally $39.99 marked down to $11.99 (so less than $2.50 for each piece).

i’m not going to use it as a collage… the weird little dog and truck images are not my taste, but i have a plan for them! i got started on it tonight – here is a sneak peak!

more on this tomorrow. i need to focus on taking pictures of ourselves in the mirror and flipping between the state of the union and the westminster dog show (its like the superbowl for shakespeare).

watching intently…
how does the english bulldog not win every year????