beach house updates: off-season madness

we neglected our cape house most of the winter. when we lived in our 800 square foot city apartment last year, we were down to brewster almost every weekend. now with the “real” house (and very real baby) we’ve had our hands full with everything this latest (short-sale) property had in store.

when we bought the cape house two years ago, the sea of laminate in the kitchen, ancient appliances, splintering deck and dated bathrooms weren’t a major concern. did i even know what laminate was? i’m not sure. all we saw was a big open layout where we could sit around and play drinking board games with a big fridge for cold drinks and bonus space downstairs to fill with bunk beds for all of our friends. a big (to us) yard where we planned to build fire and horseshoe pits before we even put in an offer… a house that was less than a mile from the beach and that we could actually afford. so we went for it. once the deal was done, i started devouring home improvement, diy, and decorating blogs and decided to start a blog of my own (it was 80 miles to brewster, after-all).

it takes some time to get to know a house. two years later, i know all too well what laminate and old, dirty berber are and i can’t stand them! do i have any regrets or “if i knew then what i know now” moments? absolutely not. quite the opposite. i think the reasons we bought this house are all the right reasons. i don’t ever want to buy a house for a granite counter or high-end appliances. in two short years we made so many priceless memories, laminate and all…

but the memories aren’t making the kitchen any easier to look at. so we decided to give it a face lift over the next few months and i’m so excited.

a little aggressive, yes. i don’t know if it will all come together this off-season, but we are going to chip away and see where we stand come spring.

so after we finished the doors last weekend, we dove right into the first order of business which will be the custom dining banquet. because we rent the house and advertise it to sleep 10, there really should be adequate dining space for 10. the bulky table and chairs we’ve been using are not a good use of space and only provide 8 spots at the table. since we’re not here year round, we don’t need tons of storage in the kitchen and don’t think we’ll miss the counter space the strip of cabinets across from the fridge provide. if we wrap a bench around this wall & move the table over to the side, we’ll open up tons of kitchen real-estate. i read through loads of tutorials from people who have built benches themselves, and i know we could have done it if we invested the time and effort, but as you can see, with everything else on the docket, we decided to leave this to an expert. in the off-season there are plenty of carpenters willing to give you a fair price for this sort of work. we met with two over the weekend and booked one of them to come make our bench mid-march (which will run us only a couple hundred bucks more than if we attempted a diy job).
mike started by ripping these puppies apart (it turns out demo is his specialty)..

 bye bye

check out the nasty tile we found underneath… and i thought the current floor was bad..

all ready for our bench arriving march 16th!

in case you can’t picture it, here’s the idea: