surfs up, doors down

we arrived back to our chilly house yesterday afternoon after a few days in brewster – our first trip down in months. we planned to spend the long weekend tackling a few house projects and watching the patriots win the afc champtionship. neither of which went as planned.

i’ve obviously figured out by now that a baby is a full time job. but i never realized how truley impossible it would be to get much of anything done with an extrememly mobile, curious, silly, mischeivous, hilarious, unflappable, 9 month old on the loose. he is into e v e r y t h i n g.

(dane doesn’t seem to mind the fashion faux pas, so he will be wearing those santa pjs until he outgrows them)

we have a lot of plans for off-season renovations. so many ideas, very limited time and money. the usual. its tricky when you have to chip away a weekend at a time. this time around, the plan was to revamp the doors. unfortunately i don’t have much to show for this because we only got about 1/3 of the way through.

but all was not lost. we were able to slam up a few floating shelves in the 2nd bedroom and i whipped up a very simple no-sew window treatment.

i planned to have a nice little tutorial. i’d be like, oh this? no big deal here is a clear step by step description of the seamless process… but it was anything but seamless. i changed my mind a million times. i undid and redid and in the end- i probably could not replicate exactly how this was accomplished, never mind explain it to someone else.

somehow it worked out. and what may impress you is that i used all materials that i already had, so it cost me nothing. the burlap was left over from the nursery book sling and i had the bonding tape and tacks laying around..

the bad news is that this room currently has no door…

… another unfinished project and another story for another time.

so the projects were not tackled … more like the projects were ray rice and we were brandon spikes… a good effort but fell a little short!

too soon?