music room

this room was very empty for a long time. when we were given mike’s parents’ beautiful piano, we dubbed it the “music room”. late in the fall we found these two little *settees from an estate sale for peanuts and added the round shag rug shortly before the holidays.

*settee is new to my vocabulary as well. it means ‘small couch’ in fancy talk.

we weren’t interested in a sitting room or anything formal where we would drink tea and discuss the fiscal cliff. it may not be worthy of such a hip name, but for lack of an alternative, that is what we have been going with.

at one point, i made this mood board. its so random and nothing like the room has actually evolved into.

its pretty open to the dining room so the color & design schemes need to mesh. we painted 3 walls ‘dove white’ (benjamin moore) – the color below the chair rail in the dining room. 

the forth wall – this yellowy one with the triple window looking into the front yard – i am going to attempt to wall paper with a bold pattern. never done this before. know nothing about it. but since its really not much wall, i don’t think it could go too horribly wrong… (????) 

i went to a local paint & wallpaper store (home depot does not sell wallpaper) and flipped thru many many many books of samples. i took three home and narrowed it down to two.
here they are. each time i think i’ve made up my mind, i change it.