merry valentines day tree

we survived another five day week. i am borderline euphoric leaving work on fridays en route to get dane at day care.

saturdays rule.

i started taking christmas decorations down the day after christmas. the undecking process has been going on all week and is still not quite complete. its rather depressing. dane loved the tree. then it occured to me that i am a grown-up and i own this house and i can do what i want. and that is how the ALL-HOLIDAY-TREE was born.

oh valentinesday tree, oh valentinesday tree..

this is our valentines day tree which will transition into a st patricks day tree come march. the easter slash one year old birthday tree will stick around until its time for the 4th of july tree to spread 4th of july cheer… you get the idea. this tree isnt going anywhere.

i did a little weeknight crafty work to make the glitter heart frame from a cheap crappy clearance frame from michaels.


dane digs the v-day tree and sparkley heart. we’ve been hanging out in the music room quite a bit lately.

it turns out dane is the best musician in the family.
earlier tonight we hung up the second canvas we ordered from canvas4life. (love this photo… dane was only a few days old getting his first kisses from his big brother).

eventually we’ll have one more canvas to finish the wall. i want to wait until dane is a little bigger and get a good family photo.
unrelated: tonight we are eating turkey tips that cost $21. twenty one dollars! i would have never bought these if i paid attention to the price! shopping with an infant = overpriced meat for dinner. 
this weekend i hope to finally make it to ikea so we can work on our plan for this area that it is now tree-free.