a tale of two desks

i have the sunday night blues. the patriots won, the baby is sleeping like an angel, i barely left the house all weekend, but i am craving just one more day of down time – unadulterated, do what i want, baby, house work, bulldog, stay in my sweats, winter weekend family time… i think i am a full blown home-body.

weekend highlights:

dane’s 3 solids a day schedule is underway. much to my delight, he will eat almost any finger food i put in front of him. while he rejects pureed peas, he gobbles down real peas. finger foods have been a lot of fun.

peas, chicken, blueberries…

we learned to use the ergo backpack-style. he was into it for a little while, but didn’t fall asleep like i hoped. i had to keep handing him toys/objects to hold to stay entertained. we’ll definitely use this method when we’re out & about, but i think the wearing-baby-while-he-naps days are over. tear.
the big accomplishment of the weekend was the conversion of the eat-in-kitchen area to part eat-in-kitchen, part office…
our house doesn’t have an office, but it has tons of space in the kitchen. we figured this area could mult-task to create a home for our laptop… (we are considering getting a desktop. the ibook’s days are numbered).
when i first decided to go this route, i had my eyes on the west elm parsons desk. i even came darn close to ordering it at one point when they had a “bonus points when you use your west elm card” promotion running. thankfully i shopped around and found the micke desk at ikea that i like just as much, if not better, for a fraction of the price. a FRACTION. i mean, i know ikea is what it is and they can sell stuff for so cheap because its low quality and comes in 5000 pieces and was probably manufactured by 12 year old swedish kids working 90 hour weeks – but i can’t imagine that west elm quality is far superior and i’m sure its not exactly made in the USA…. 
here they are. west elm “parsons” $349 and ikea “micke” $69.
no brainer.

this area is a perfect example mixing high-end with low-end… ikea desk, pottery barn table, walmart chairs, etsy custom cushions, and homegoods rug. 

its 9:15… bed time. hoping this week’s project will be wallpapering the music room!