shakey’s 3rd birthday

it was a great weekend.
we dropped the baby off at grandma’a and headed down to mohegan sun for a dmb show. a little roulette, dinner and drinks with friends, an amazing set by dave, more drinks. a lot of fun. no pictures, thats how fun it was. we did, however, manage to come away from the weekend with about 800 pictures of shakespeare. pretty standard.
here is the birthday boy at the hotel. 
yes, this bed will do just fine…

and now at his favorite park in southie yesterday where the birthday festivities took place

dane is always ready to party


shakey’s best friend, kylie was there

birthday cake


i love this dog so much. people told me that after the baby came, things would be different .. we would forget to give shakey his heart worm pills, he would get fewer walks, we would care less… they couldn’t have been more wrong. shakey is so sweet, so silly, so lovable. i still smother him with hugs and kisses everyday after work and would never be able to sleep without him in bed with us. he is such an important part of this family. dane has been interacting with him more and more and its just priceless. he is mostly interested in tugging his ears, but has also started to reach out and pet his back with his chubby little hands.. it just melts my heart. we always talk about the day shakey will chose to sleep in bed with dane instead of us. its so weird to think about, but we know it will happen!
happy birthday shakespeare. you are the best pup i will ever know.