well its wednesday night and i think i have just now recovered from the weekend. a whirlwind of a weekend with some highs and lows.

sick baby

he was sent home from daycare wednesday with a fever. no big deal. low 100s, 101 at worst. teething probably? i stayed home with him thursday. it was nice. we were kicking it old school like my maternity leave days. i smothered him with love. 1000s of kisses on those big chubby cheeks. he was sweet. sleepy and cuddly, flush, rosy cheeks…

friday rolled around and we decided to keep him home from daycare (mike’s turn) even tho all signs pointed to normal. he was happy and playful all morning, but didnt finish his afternoon bottle (which is rare, let me tell you, have you seen this kid?) when i got home from work he felt really warm. 102.8. uh oh. so we scheduled a doc apt for sat. morning.

he got chest x-rays (a pretty traumatizing process) which revealed a minor infection in his lungs. pneumonia. mild, but that word just sounds so scary. he went on amoxicillin and, aside from still sounding a little wheezy, he has been temp free and back to normal.

decking the halls

just the beginning, but definitely was feeling the holiday spirit. i made a few trips to michaels, bed bath & beyond, & the dollar store and got some basics. (the dining room has temporarily become the christmas war room).

we also got a tree. mike went on a solo mission & came home with a perfect tree for dane’s first christmas.

we put it in a big basket (pinterest inspiration)

maybe we’ll get around to decorating it before christmas???
so dane was feeling much better sunday, but i think all the coddling quickly created some bad habits. he SCREAMED like ive never heard him scream before when we tried to put him down sunday night. we had been lucky enough to never really resort to the “cry it out” method. but for the first time, it was our only option. i tried for over an hour to get him to relax in his crib, but the second i walked away he flailed and screamed. he eventually passed out, but had another screaming fit in the middle of the night. 
he made it thru the day at daycare monday. i (barely) made it thru the day at work. after work, this needed to happen-
and then another tough bedtime monday night. babies are so tough sometimes… but they learn. its sort of amazing what adaptable little creatures they are. last night he was perfect, and he was great again tonight.
i could not love these boys any more.
this one either.
also, do yourself a favor and do not ever buy these:

nothing else in life will matter and you will find yourself in a ball on the floor clutching the empty bag and cursing the heavens. i dont know, maybe that was just me.