sweater mutilation cont.

as promised, i have successfully dressed my lamps to match the jar (there is a sentence i never thought i’d write).
I was home with a sick baby today – (dane’s first fever 🙁 ) so i had some time to see what i could do with the rest of this old sweater.
these are our little bedside lamps. they are sort of awesome because you just tap the base to turn it on and off. 

my “materials” included sweater, scissors, saftey pins… #getthisgirlagluegun.
i cut off the bottom of the sweater, then turned it inside out and just saftey pinned the ends together. there was exactly enough for the two lampshades. i got lucky with how easy this was to pull off. again, a 2 minute job…

at this point, i’m just taking pictures of our bed because it is almost NEVER made.