shine on you crazy pendant

our dining room has a new light! its from pottery barn… teen…

i love it. and it was freeeeeeeee.
allow me to explain. when we bought the dining table at pottery barn (during tax-free weekend) we opened a pb credit card (with the intention of paying it off right away then feeding it to shakespeare) and earned 10% in “rewards” which translated to $175. these lights are still at great deal at $99, but we like to think of it as free since we had more than enough reward dollars.

i didn’t even know pottery barn had a “teen” brand until i was doing a search for lighting. this woody, orb-like pendant caught my eye and i honestly liked the idea of it for the dining room better than the fancy shmancy chandeliers 3xs this price.

we also mcgyvered the old chandelier base & chain to use to hang the pendant from, so it wasn’t just wire (which would feel a little cheap for a “formal” dining room).

you have to buy the actual light bulb & wire part separate.. annoying. i had one from a west elm chandelier i haven’t gotten around to installing yet, so we used that.

our electrician friend came over & walked mike thru how to wire it. which is a good thing bc we were extremely intimidated by this process and what took 15 mins. probably would have taken us hours.

nice guy. let us know if you’re looking for an electrician in the south shore neck of the woods.

we’re getting there slowly but surely.