chair fair

its been a big few weeks. 
dane turned 7 months old and we bought 6 chairs. 

they are from hayneedle. its a pretty amazing operation over there.. free shipping and they practically overnight them. we got two to start… to see how they looked and how we got along. we decided they were probably the best we were going to do for the price (on sale… $165 for a set of 2). they look great with the table. they are not amazing quality (see price above), but we will only be using this dining arrangement for holidays and the rare dinner gathering, so i’m not too worried about wear & tear. they are comfortable… would i want to sit in one for hours while i got my hair braided into tiny cornrows? no. but comfortable enough to sit through a meal or two without complaint. so i ordered another couple sets last week and here is where we are at:

as for the 7 month old baby… he is crawling (army style) everywhere. talking up a storm in the silliest, most adorable language ever. and he has TEETH. two razor sharp little bottom teeth.
he has been new york city, his first patriots game (vs buffalo.. a close one, but we got the w) and has been in serious training mode for his first 5k this thursday (the hingham turkey trot). a busy man to say the least.

in other news, someone will THREE YEARS OLD in just a few short weeks. do you know who? here is a hint:
if you guessed shakespeare, then you’re right! i can’t believe its been a whole year since his 2 year old birthday bash.

i have some party planning to do…