dining room update in 100 words or less

the dining room is starting to resemble an actual dining room (you have to squint):
mike bought some new manly tools and did an awesome job painting and putting up chair rail.

the new colors (gentlemans gray and white dove) are a huge improvement. i was nervous about opting for the darkest/boldest blue, but we’re happy with it.. and thankfully, after spending an hour choosing among 900 shades of white, this one works just fine. 

table is here. love.

lots more to be done. lighting. window treatment. wall art. CHAIRS. and we have a deadline. christmas. 
so this room will be up and running in a couple months for better or for worse.

i’m so overwhelmed with the task of choosing a chair. we (i) want 6 matching side chairs, & probably a different set of matching armchairs for the ends (??). its a big, expensive decision. these are two variations of what i’ve been considering. i really don’t know which direction to go at this point. the dark brown looks nice (pb pic below) and the new light we are considering would work with this look. we’ll see.
regardless, this is definitely a step in the right direction!

my next post will be dane’s first fenway experience. this little guy has had a big summer / fall. so much to share 🙂