in case you were on the edge of your seat, hoping, waiting, wishing to know what became of the newly yellow numbers, today is your day.

in effort to make the changing corner of dane’s nursery more functional, i added a little shelf, diaper dispenser, and hooks with the yellow, playful numbers, in preparation for mcas testing just for fun.

i have come to realize that the best time… the only time… i am up for contributing to my little blog is early in the morning when i’m all hopped up on caffeine. down time is almost non-existent these days. its so crazy how much has changed since last summer.

so much has happened around here in the past month or so that i wish i had chronicled. baby dane has rounded the 3 month corner and is just weeks away from peas and carrots and real life FOOD. what a BIG BOY!

i mean… seriously….
this little man is by far the most photogenic in the family. more big boy pics to come!
oh, and living room updates…