rhino rhino on the wall

no, really. there is a rhino on my wall.

but lets take a step back…

for weeks, maybe a month even, this adorned the largest wall in our house:

a number of visitors asked us why we didn’t remove the sticker in the corner with the frame dimensions, thinking that the green leaf pattern was the art we intended to display and not just the place-holder that came with the frame. really, we just hung the frames as an experiment to see how they would look and were too pregnant to deal with taking them down or figuring out what to put in them.

finally, shortly after dane was born, i spent countless hours on art.com looking at thousands of prints to potentially fill these 24×36″ frames.
yes, thousands. and what did i come up with? a blue rhinoceros and a cluster of dots. 

 i definitely had a “what was i thinking” moment when they finally arrived… could i be anymore random than a solitaire blue rhino? but they are totally growing on me.

and don’t forget how pathetic the previous attempt to decorate this wall was:

i flanked the rhino and seaweed with these decorative cube shelves from kohls:

and some brand new pics of the little cherub:

so – for now – i am checking this wall off the list!

ps – how cool is this light??

pps – did you really think i was going to post without pic of my baby bug?