dirty laundry [room]

with a new washer & dryer, a coat of paint, a shelf here, an old ladder there, we’ve gone from this:

BEFORE (yucky)
to this:
AFTER (very yellow)
after craigslisting our old washer & dryer, mike & his dad painted the space a buttery yellow & installed base board.

the re-purposed ladder idea came from these pics i found on pinterest. you can put an old wooden ladder to so many creative uses. 

i salvaged this piece of old attic ladder from a trash heap in our garage (mike is no longer surprised when he finds me picking things out of a trash pile).
we spray painted it grey and suspended it from the ceiling with 4 hooks and pieces of chain from the hardware store.

tada! a space-efficient drying rack for our super narrow laundry room.
the stars of the show:
yes, i wrapped our dryer sheet boxes with craft paper to match the room. i’m aware this is not normal. i blame the hormones!
… finally, 4 grey carpet tiles from flor:
doing the laundry is much more pleasant with the cheerful color scheme and reliable appliances!
and i’ve been doing A LOT of laundry lately thanks to this little poop machine!