living room [minor] progress

the ball is rolling, but we have a ways to go before this room will feel complete. it is in dire need of color- but i feel like we need those chairs before i can choose the right art, window treatment, etc etc.. oh and we need money too… 
i guess its good to still have lots of finishing touches to look forward to. its only been 2 month after all and we have been a bit preoccupied with preparing for the human life we will be solely responsible for in 32 days (not to mention the fact that for the past week or so, i have been barely capable of getting thru the work day then almost immediately into bed).
to quote the great dave matthews, “if i had it all, then what would i go on for”… or something like that…
here is the underwhelming progress:

the rundown
– “gina sectional sofa” from macys
– “hunter trunk” coffee table from crate & barrel (already owned)
– “recycled accent table” from home decorators (already owned)
– “driftwood wall sconces” from shades of light
– mirror from christmas tree shop
– wall hangings from homegoods & kohls (will be replaced.. am not feeling it)
– “columbus wood brown tv console” from overstock
– corner cube table from walmart (already owned)
i think thats everything
wish list
– big, colorful, art for the wall behind the couch
– some sort of area rug to layer (flokati?)
– the perfect drapes for the sliding doors (and remove those hideous blinds)
– colorful throw pillows
the new living room has become home to shakespeare’s favorite spot in the house. these pics make me happy 🙂