exciting news (twins!)

meet the newest family members. thank you. yes. i know they are beautiful.. the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

our washing machine started leaking a couple weeks ago and seemed to get worse with each load. the set came with the house and our guess is they may have been the originals… 10 or so years old. we weren’t going to replace them as long as they were in working order, but the clunking noise and puddle the washer started leaving was enough of a sign that the time had come.

(not to mention the laundry room is hideous and has been begging me for a makeover)

although we didn’t exactly have the money, i was excited to replace the old maytags with a shiny, new set of reliable whirlpools. one less thing to worry about when the cherub arrives. putting them on a new lowe’s credit card saved us 5%  (which we plan to pay the off by the end of april). lowe’s was also running a 10% off all front loaders promotion and the models we went with were on sale to begin with- so we got these at a good clip less than the ticket price.

i haven’t exactly started the washing any of the baby clothes, so its just not an option to be without a functioning machine right now…

so the irish music is cranking and operation laundry room reno is currently underway

happy st. patricks day.

and to my dad, i am missing you badly today.