make-shift models

i started decorating this house long before our closing date… or the acceptance of our offer… ok..  before we made an offer… i don’t know what it is. its so fun for me. a creative outlet i guess.
its funny looking back on these pathetic, make-shift, mood boards (i made them by copying & pasting images onto an excel worksheet – i’m a spreadsheet nerd). one day i’ll learn how to make real ones.
the living room would actually look a little bit like this if these west elm upholstered chairs we ordered in NOVEMER. EVER. CAME. apparently there has been some delay by the manufacturer and we are still waiting for them with zero idea of when they will actually come (they did tell us they were reversing all delivery and surcharges which will save us over $200 but still – i want my chairs). patience isn’t my thing.

naturally, along with the virtual decorating, came virtual shopping. and at times of weakness – real shopping. first came the table from pottery barn (via an amazing sale and will probably be the only pottery barn furniture we will ever own). i then considered a gazillion chair options. the finalists were the west elm “modern windsor” on the right and the “virginia cross-back” i found on over-stock (and eventually ordered from walmart) on the left. 

this bed visual is the saddest of all! we did end up getting the headboard and frame from overstock (and love it). but luckily i went to the actual west elm store and realized i hated this duvet cover.

next i’ll post the real things!