the rope border that almost wasn’t

bathroom makeover priority number two – after removing the hideous wallpaper – was framing the large, industrial vanity mirror (use your imagination to picture more than the sliver below).
the project was inspired by this fabulous little photo. it even came complete with a “nate berkus: how To:” link.
natural, nautical… seemingly simple and affordable. sign us up.
first, we had to trim a side of the mirror for it to fit under the new light fixture. luckily we found a glass cutting place right down the street. we literally left it against the side of the building (as they asked us to) with a note with the dimensions we needed. a few hours later, we picked it up and slid a $20 under the door. i like how people do business around here!
the rope was very inexpensive at home depot. we didn’t measure – just “eye balled”, steph-style…
i cut cardboard strips out of a big box to frame the mirror and eventually glue the rope onto. next i used a glue gun to adhere them to the mirror.
it didn’t work. after the glue dried, the cardboard peeled right off. glass is extremely difficult for glue to adhere to because it is nonporous. this quickly became the theme of this project.
after some googling and discussions with true value employees, we decided to try epoxy glue. it appeared much stickier and seemed to work.
laying the rope down was a two-man job. the glue dried in less than a minute. so mike slathered it on while i covered it with the rope. it was intense.. a lot of yelling and cheering,  a little cursing… shakespeare was very excited.
the process was pretty messy. the glue was not easy to work with and we first realized this could be a huge disaster and waste of time.
never-the-less, we followed nate’s instructions and finished up by binding the duct tape covered ends with twine.
after letting the (hopefully) finished product sit in closest for a few weeks (we were busy), we finally brought it out and assessed the staying power of the glue.
it wasn’t exactly sticking.
again, we’re thinking this might be a total bust.
in the spirit of making a long boring story less long but still boring i will paraphrase:
getting the rope to stay stuck to the cardboard and the cardboard to stay stuck to the mirror involved two more gluing sessions, a lot of sitting around pressing the rope down, a little prayer, and finally some clamps to hold everything down while the glue dried. if we had the clamps in the beginning we would have saved ourselves some serious time and trouble!
finally, we improvised and stuck extra twine along the inside of the border to hide the still very visible gluey mess.. i braided three pieces and stuck it in along the inner edges of the rope with some thin nails. you can see best in this pic below.

in the end, (for no lack of effort) it turned out AWESOME and cost under $30.

we laughed, we cried, we framed our mirror with rope.