this is where we live

99% of our life is spent here in boston – between our offices downtown and our little city apartment. a few months after we closed on the cape house, we moved a few blocks from our two bedroom, bi-level condo to a cozy, no frills, one bedroom. this has proved to be one of the smartest things we have ever done. our rent went down over 30% and the apartment is far better suited for us… especially for shakespeare. 
we are on the first floor of a beautiful brownstone building. one that everyone admires and i have always longed to live in. its the perfect location – directly across from a big grassy park and even has a … wait for it… PARKING SPOT.
it is all the space we need and none we don’t. the perfect spot to spend the next couple years while we save up for a house… another house… a real house… in the………. suburbs. 
don’t panic, i said a couple years. neither of us are ready for full time suburbia, or a commute to work longer than 7 minutes (on a bad day, with traffic, in a snow storm). 
this apartment was not intended to use up any of my time or creative energy. it was supposed to be simple and efficient and a place to lay our weary heads during the work week.
here is the palace during the initial walk thru. theres not much to it. living room, bedroom, bathroom, and little baby kitchen.

charming, right?
i know i should focus on the cape house – the one we OWN and will have forever, but my head is spinning with ideas for this little space. especially now that i’m addicted to design blogs, pinterest, DIY projects, and basically any other time sucking, creative outlet i’ve been depriving myself of for some time now. in the next few posts i’ll catch up on what has become of the fatz family home base.