i received a very exciting email this morning. the accent tables i ordered way back in February have finally been shipped! this was a very memorable on-line order because after the purchase was made, i cut my credit card into a thousand peices. i don’t know what came over me, it was a sort of bald-brittany-type furry. i knew i was getting myself into trouble with the online shopping and had to pull the plug! since then i’ve been much better with only spending what i actually have in my checking account.. sure i’ve over-drawn a few times (well i have over-draft protection) but i’m much more disciplined with impulse buys.

i got three of these to go in the sunroom in brewster. compared to a large coffee table, these will be easier to move around incase we pull out the the trundle bed. i’ll have to post about the sunroom soon, its one of my favorites – lots to talk about!

i first fell in love with these “stump” tables at west elm. i didn’t know how into the rustic look i was until i fixated on these. the natural look is perfect for a beach house.

luckily i came accross this home decorators version for 30 bucks cheaper. i love the rail road ties and bundled wood look (tho i’d be lying if i said i don’t still have a crush on the west elm stump).
this is a nice collection of natural wood side tables by designsponge. they seem to be very trendy!
i wish they came in time for the long (mem day) weekend, however, they originally had the ship date in july!
i can’t wait to meet my fashionably late stumps.