slowly progressing mbm

mbm stands for master bath makeover. we are using acronyms now.

in case you have been having nightmares with this reoccuring image:

i’d like to leave you today with a slightly less frightening visual
i asked mike to give me a recap of what exactly went on when i was in NY and he and his dad prepped the walls.. heres what i got:
1. Stripped the wallpaper by hand
2. Soaked the wall with a sponge and water
3. Used a putty knife to remove the glue residue
4. Patched holes (name of the stuff is down in the Cape)
5. Let dry and sanded
6. Primed the walls
7. Painted ceiling
8. Caulked around the shower
fair enough.
next step was painting…
i decided to spring for the fancy premium paint because it claims to have the highest mildew resistence. mold spores on bathroom walls really freak me out. there was definitely some questionable action in the corners above the shower before we tore the wall paper down.
this color is called “teatime”. its much darker than i envisioned, but i’m happy with it over-all.
…we took off these handles from the year 1752
 and replaced with these simple, silver ones. they were under $2 each at home depot.
… replaced the old door knobs
(i attempted to do this myself… without reading the directions… its slightly more complicated than i anticipated… mike swooped in just in time)
shiny and new. don’t you just want to turn this knob all day long?
…new shower curtain
…light fixture
and here it is in all its slightly-less-frightening glory:

(its very difficult to photgraph a tiny bathroom)

hopefully the finished product – including the big DIY mirror project reveal – will provide a more drastic before and after contrast- but here is the first draft: