i always wanted a nook

after moving in the kitchen furniture and sectional, there was still a bit of real estate between the kitchen and living room sitting area. a nook was in order. a game nook.  a couple of comfy chairs and game table in this little corner.
now squint your eyes real small … can you picture it?????:

how about now??:
the nook was actually inspired by a little chess table that was in the old-fashioned cottage in ireland we stayed at during our trip to europe last summer. mike thought we should have one for the cape house. i agreed and surprised him with one for christmas (and by him, i mean us, muhahaha)
after drooling over some of these super chic, sophisticated tables (for over $400)

i found this little gem at amazon.com for only $70 and free shipping. score.
if you are the observant type, you may have noticed that this is, in fact, not a chess table at all.. its a… backgammon(?) table. nothing gets by you, imaginary reader. this has SIX different boards you can flip to transform the table to all sorts of different games. cool, right? Backgammon, Chess, Chinese Checkers, Parcheesi, Cribbage, and Mancala. i dont know how to play any of them, but lets stay focused…

here is the progress:

mike found these chairs on craigslist for $60 TOTAL. if you have a calculator handy, you’ll notice that is only $30/chair. amazing. one thing we have learned since starting to furnish this house is that upholstered chairs are so surprisingly expensive. we considered many options and did a ton of research before finding these. the most ironic part is that we had decided on these EXACT ikea chairs before the c-list find. we were literally going to buy them for $90/chair before finding them (almost good as new) used. the nook gods were smiling. 

and here is the current state of the union nook. still lacking pictures in the frames and some finishing touches.
to be continuted…